About TTT

My name is Aviva Wolman-Wener.

Teen Tour Theatre is my school.

I was born and raised in Montreal and have been working with kids and teens since I was a teen. I began teaching drama even before graduating from Concordia University with a BFA in Drama. I started directing while I was doing my degree.

The concept for Teen Tour Theatre came out of a tour group that I began 21 years ago while I was teaching at a Montreal drama school. I wanted to challenge my older students, many of whom had been in my classes since they were in grade school. I wanted them to have an opportunity to hone their skills in front of an audience that was not just made up of their loved ones. I contacted a few elementary schools I was familiar with from having taught at them, and offered to bring their students a free show. Since that 1st show we have been invited back to every school we have ever performed at.That group developed into the 1st senior tour group of Teen Tour Theatre. Senior tour students range in age from 16-21 and are the most experienced group at TTT. Some of them are working actors, and others are there because they love to perform even though they have other life goals. All would agree that the school and tour experience has given them added confidence and skills that will serve them as they move along in their lives.

Since then not only have we added to our list of schools that we perform at, but we have also been part of the Saturday Morning Children’s Program at the Centaur Theatre and perform at many libraries in the city, presenting at least two shows per season at the Westmount library.

In 2004 we added a junior tour group to the school. This group ranges in age from 12-16 years old. They take classes and then do smaller tours in the spring.

In 2007 classes for younger students were added. These students range in age from 8-12 years old.

In 2021 we welcomed TTT alum Jesse Sherman as an assistant teacher.

We also have a workshop program for those interested in taking their skills to the next level. We have been fortunate to have many talented professionals in the field come in and lead these workshops. (For a list of topics we’ve had in the past click on the workshop heading on the top of the main page.)

In 2005 the mini spring program began. the students wanted to continue with their acting over the summer. These classes became a way for the actors to work on skills over the break without the pressures of performance.

Some of the things that make TTT unique are that the tour shows are interactive pieces and our tours are free of charge. The concept behind the tour is that TTT students gain experience by performing for these audiences, and we give to the community by performing for free.

TTT is a place where acting and life skills are learned through fun, friendship, and a passion for the great art form of performance.

I love what I do and have been very fortunate to have the most incredible students help me make TTT what it is today.