• Congratulations TTT

    Updated March 2017

    Congratulations to Oliver Davis on getting an SOC spot  in Rank the Prank.

    Congratulations to Rhiannon Corrigan on signing with Glenn Talent!

    Congrats to Cameron Brodeur…who has had a very busy few months!
    Cameron voiced a video game and an animation pilot as well as shooting the short film “MILK” and the movie “Everything Outside”.
    He has also been confirmed for the second season of the French TV show ““Amélie et Compagnie” for TFO.
    Lastly, Cameron assisted Lane Napper in teaching an acting workshop to a group of teens in New York just last Friday. (Cameron is 14 years old).

    Congratulations to Monday, junior Sonia Svetliza on being cast as the understudy for a Hershey’s web commercial.

    Congratulations to junior tour’s Sasha McElecheran who joins Siana, Emilie, Tatiana, Dembo and Marilena in NTS’  Concord Floral.

    Congratulations to Dembo Kakesse who joins Siana, Emilie, Tatiana and Marilena in Concord Flora

    Congratulations to Senior Tour’s Siana Marquis-Bilquard, Junior Tour’s Emily Rossignol-Arts, TTT alums Tatiana Latrielle and Marilena Papadopoulous on being cast in Concord Floral. (a National Theatre School directing students production,)

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on Being offered a role in his first L.A. feature film. Even though he had to turn it down because he doesn’t have his American work visa yet. Next time Cam!!

    Congratulations to Sonia Svetliza on joining with Sybil Sasse Talent.

    Congratulations to Hasani Freeman on his role as young Nick in 19/2, his episode of Fatal Vows and the short film he shot this summer.

    Congratulations to TTT alum Jonathan Silver on his role in the feature “Sons of God”  shooting this month in Montreal.

    Congratulations and best of luck to TTT’s Malena Rou Fan Jin on being invited to train for the 2022 Olympic games as a figure skater.

    Congratulations to Rhiannon Corrigan on her first job as an actor doing voice for a video game pilot!

    Congratulations to Noah Melrose Marotti on his role in a music video.

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah on her actor role in “This Life”.

    Congratulations to Travis Martin and Scott Humphrey on their evening “Emerge in Motion” an interactive monologue night being held at the Mainline.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on his role in “Amelie & Compagnie” begin shot this summer.

    Congratulations to Amanda Macevicious and Sophie Shields- Rivard on signing with Sybil Sasse

    Sophie Shields Rivard on receiving her Actra apprentice for the National bank commercials in both English and French.

    Lenni Kim Lalande on his role in  the upcoming film Desperado (French) and his work on a new French web series .

    Lenni as well on his upcoming 1st album release.

    Jesse Sherman on his dubbing work.

    Cameron Brodeur on his latest voice work for “Boni”.

    Alyson Leah on being the voice of the animated young beaver for Montreal’s 375 birthday and her continuing work on the series “Arthur”.

    Travis Martin on playing Tommy “in Tommy at the Rialto

    Cameron Brodeur on his episode of Fatal Vows and his fundraiser hosting gig.

    Alyson Leah on her upcoming performance of Maggie in BCT’s A Chorus line concert, her soc on 19/2 and her upcoming voice episode on Arthur.

    JT (Jonathan) Silver on “Unseemly”  being held over off Broadway in New York.

    Congratulations to Hasani Freeman on his actor role in the short film “Boost.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on his latest voice gigs (One radio ad and one video game).

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah on her latest commercials.

    Congratulations to Sophie Shields Rivard and Patrick Ryan on their voice ad for Villa Maria Cegep.

    Congratulations to both Scott Humphrey and Cameron Brodeur on their episodes of “Art of More”.Congratulations to JT (jonathan) Silver on being asked to reprise his role in “Unseemly” off Broadway in New York this year!

    Congratulations to Lennikim Lalande on his role in the French feature film “Desperado”.

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah (Five Foot Two productions) for being nominated for a fringe festival award for most promising English company.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on being  cast as “young Graham” in ART OF MORE  (episode 10). Also on doing background work on the new X-men film.

    Alyson Leah on producing and starring in “”Boy Meets Girl A Love Story” on at the Mai as part of the Fringe Festival this month.

    To Jonathan Bosco on being part of the above mentioned show.

    To  Justine Lewis on her Fringe show and on being cast as Cruella Devil on a cruise ship run this summer.

    To Alyson Leah on her new radio commercial.

    Congratulations to Stephanie Janasauskas on being cast as Emma in the new CBC program “New Address” which will air in the fall.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on being cast as Oliver in the TV movie  “Amber Alert.”

    Congratulations to Jonathan Bosco and Vishesh Abeyratni on their latest project: The Adventures of Bosco and Vishy.

    Not only are Jonathan and Vishesh producing, writing and acting in this project.  They used many TTTErs  in the shooting of the pilot;

    Alyson Leah, Cameron Brodeur, Stefanie Broos, Hasani Freeman, Malena Jin, Emily Mashaal and Nicole Sinodinos.  Congrats to all.

    Congratulations to Liz Neale on her latest TV commercial.

    Congratulations to Samantha Levy on her role in “Love, Loss and What I wore” directed by Ellen David on at The Centaur this spring.

    Congratulations to Caranne Laurent on her principle role in a French feature film.

    Congratulations to Malena Jin on her first film role and on signing with Glenn Talent.

    Congratulations to Patrick Ryan on his first TV commercial.

    Congratulations to Laura Brown on signing with Glenn Talent.

    Congratulations to Hasani Freeman on his actor role in an episode of 19-2.

    Congratulations to Hasani Freeman on his actor role in a 2 episodes of “The Game”.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on getting two more episodes of Helix.

    Congrats also to Hannah Dym and Lainey Szalavetz on their Trick or Treat role in a Concordia Student film.

    Congratsalso  to Geva Yarosky and most of our junior girls on being part of the New “ought” band music video.

    Congrats to Alyson Leah on her latest radio commercials for Nissan and Fibe TV.

    Jesse Sherman, Alyson Leah and director Scott Humphry on their upcoming  Show“The Clawfoot and Hot Tub Interviews”  at the Mainline Theatre this month.

    Jonathan Silver on his role in the TV Series: “Saving Hope”

    Nicole Sinodino on her role in an  Actra MIP  Feature film.

    Travis Martin on his episode of the sci Fi TV show “Helix”.

    Congratulations to Cameron Brodeur on his principle role in an episode of the TV show Helix!

    All TTT alum who did Montreal Fringe shows in 2014.

    Alyson Leah on her actor role in “The Lottery

    Elizabeth Neale on her actor role in Fatal Vows.

    Jonathan Silver on doing summer theatre in Newfoundland

    Congratulations to Sophie Shields Rivard  on her SOC role in the upcoming French film ”Katia”  directed by Bernard Émond.

    Alyson Leah on her role in “Fatal Vows”

    Travis Martin on his new Video game which will be voiced by both Alyson Leah and Elizabeth Neale.

    Annie Crowley and Justine Lewis who are collaborating on a 10 min site specific  play Annie is directing for inspiraTO!

    As well Congratulations to : Justine again on her first Equity role. She  will play Norma in The Value of Names with Teatron,

    Toronto Jewish Theatre at Toronto Centre for the Arts next Feb!

    Congratulations to: Scott Humphry, JT Silver, Elizabeth Neale andJesse Sherman on their new Web Series “Larps”.

    Hasani Freeman on getting his actra apprentice  for his 1st on line commercial.

    Cameron Brodeur on his latest two commercials (one voice, one on camera)

    Alyson Leah on her  musical theatre fundraiser for Dove! (and her two SOC TV commercials).

    JT Silver on his role in the new play “Unseemly” !

    Stuart Fink on directing his latest show “Living Room Dark” and to Elizabeth Neale on being in it!

    Congratulations to Jonathan Bosco on his latest Commercials for Kijiji and Brault and Martineau!

    Congratulations to Vishesh Abeyratne on “Exposure”  (The play he wrote for our senior tour 2012) being published by http://youthplays.com/) in LA. TTT is very proud to have been a part of that process. Look for it on their site next year.

    Congratulations to Laura Brown on being cast in ‘Everything’s a Reason’.  A Trebis student film.

    Congratulations to JT (jonathan) Silver on his actor role in TV he docu-drama, JFK- Smoking Gun, and his voice work for Ubi Soft…name of game to be disclosed at a future date.

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah on her latest radio commercial for National bank and for being cast as Cal in the new Children’s musical “Don’t Touch The Glutch”.

    Congratulations to Vishesh Abeyratni and Jonathan Bosco on their Fringe show:

    RACIAL ROULETTE by Vishesh Abeyratne Starring: Vishesh Abeyratne as Sanjeet Jonathan Bosco as Colin

    Congratulations to Stuart Fink on being cast in 2 shows with Kimberley summer theatre in Kimberley BC: Hal In Self-Help by Norm Foster  and the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

    Congrats to Elizabeth Neal on her TV commercial with DesJardins.

    Congratulations to Jonathan (JT) Silver) on being cast as Demetrius in Repercussion Theatre’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

    Congratulations to Travis Martin  on his TV commercial for DesJardin and on his new Video game company“ Fabulam”  :  http://www.fabulamgames.com

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah on her Radio ad  for Banque National and on being cast in a new performance theatre piece for the Canadian Literacy Convention.

    Congratulations to Jt Silver, Alyson Leah, Scott Humphry and Elizabeth Neale on their “Murder Mystery”  performance for teens.

    Congratulations  to Ariella Reuben on her voice ad for Sketchers Bella Ballerina shoes.

    Congratulations to Jonathan Silver on his episode of the new animated series “Bounty Hunters”.

    Congrats to Alyson Leah on being cast in Beautiful City Theatre’s production of “Godspell” going on at the Centaur at the end of January and early February.

    Congratualtions to Jonathan Emond on his episode of “Being Human”

    Congratulations to JT/Jonathan Silver on his Videotron commercial and his episode of “Being Human”.

    Congrats to Jonathan Bosco on being cast in THE MEDIUM, presented as a fundraiser by the Zerf Foundation.

    Congratulations to: Sophie Jones-Glick, Ashley & Blake Kastner, Emily
Mashaal and Jojo Shaharabini on being cast by Ocean TV to do English as a
second language voice recordings.

    Congratulations to: Iris Cohen and Ashley & Blake Kastner on being cast in
the Concordia Student film, “The Quiet Toll”

    Congratulations to Alyson Leah on receiving her BA from Bishops University (Drama Major/Music Minor) with distinction.

    Congratulations to JT Silver on his receiving his Masters in Theatre from the University of Ohio.

    Congratulations to Gabriel Fontana on getting his ACtra.

    Congratulations to 8 yr old Katia Peel on her role in the upcoming movie “Nurse 3D”

    Congrats to Lorena Espin on her job with the production “Trashopolis”.

    Jonathan Emond on being cast in “My Life Me” as Joe Normal

    Annie Crowley on her position with Roundabout theatre and her teaching jobs in NY.

    Congratulations to: Sabrina, Sasha, Matthew, Elijah, Hannah, Ariella and Brandon on being chosen to do CD English second language tapes for Ocean Television.

    Justine Lewis on being cast in “The Tin Can People” to be performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest Fringe Fest in the world with other John Abbott prof theatre students this summer.

    Vishesh Abeyratni on your acceptance to Concordia’s playwriting department.

    10 year old Elijah Flomen on joining with Glenn talent management.

    Current Students and Alumni who are ACTRA members working in film, television and theatre:
    Jonathan Bosco, Stuart Fink, Alyson Leah, Travis Martin, Arielle Shiri, Jonathan Silver, Jesse Sherman
    Current students and Alumni studying or graduated from theatre and film programs at the post secondary level in Canada and the US, including John Abbott Prof Theatre, Dawson’s Dome theatre, Bishops U, Concordia U, Alberta U, NYU, University of Ohio, University of Boston, Stella Adler in NY:
    Vishesh Abeyratni, Jonathan Bosco, Annie Crowely, Daniel Dahlberg, Lorena Espin, Stuart Fink, Leila Ghaemi, Alyson Leah, Justine Lewis, Travis Martin, Emma Sawyer, Jeremy Segal, Ariel Zuckerman.